Recommendations made for the Sibley County Jail


By Amy Newsom

Tim Thompson and Sarah Johnson of the Department of Corrections (DOC) presented to the Sibley County Board on Tuesday, Nov. 28. They stated that staffing levels were too low at the Sibley County Jail and recommended that the jail add at least three more jailers.  Johnson stated that in 2014 the DOC saw the need for additional staff and since then the county has had an inmate escape because the staff could not keep up.

Johnson stated that jailers are not meeting the needs of those in jail.  Jailers are doing a lot of additional duties and not meeting the needs of inmates.  Johnson reported that inmates today have more medical and mental health needs.  She stated that jailers have three or four different tasks going on at one time and that leads to human error.  She also stated that you have to have a relief factor built in for senior employees that have a lot of vacation time and any other employees that need time off. 

Find the complete story in the December 7, 2017 edition of the Arlington Enterprise.

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