Northland Drying and City of Arlington try to address noise concerns


Lately residents of Arlington have been sharing concerns with the city and Northland Drying about the noise coming from the former Seneca site currently being operated by Northland Drying for the purpose of drying and creating a dog food additive.  This purpose of this article is to inform residents that Northland Drying and the City of Arlington are aware of these noise issues and are working together to resolve these concerns.  

The City of Arlington and Northland Drying initially met on Sept. 20 to discuss the concerns following some resident e-mails and calls.  At that time, Northland Drying was very interested in learning more about the concern from residents. The City of Arlington shared information that had been received.  Northland Drying and the City of Arlington researched some resources to assist with noise level measuring and mitigation.

Find the complete story in the October 11, 2018 edition of the Arlington Enterprise.

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