County Board approves drone purchase for Auditor’s Office


By Amy Newsom

The Sibley County Board, at its regular meeting in Gaylord on Tuesday morning, Oct. 23, unanimously approved the purchase of a drone in the amount of $15,274.93 for buffer enforcement.  

According to Ditch Inspector Aaron Goemann, the county will be responsible for those not in compliance with the 1-rod (16.5 ft.) buffer strip requirement.   Goemann said the county is okay with the 50-foot requirement because only one landowner was not compliant,  but they expect about 400 not in compliance with the 1-rod requirement.    Goeman said they will send out letters to landowners once they receive the names of those who are non-compliant from Sibley Soil and Water Conservation District. Goemann stated that landowners will have 11 months to become compliant.

Find the complete story in the November 1, 2018 edition f the Arlington Enterprise.

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