Recent noise testing results are reviewed from Northland Drying


By Kurt Menk

The Arlington City Council, during a workshop on Monday evening, Feb. 4, reviewed the results of recent noise testing taken at Northland Drying.

The City Council reviewed the results during a conference call with two representatives from ESI Engineering and one of the owners from Northland Drying.

ESI Engineering was hired by the City of Arlington to perform three-day outdoor noise monitoring at a nearby residential property location near Northland Drying and compare the results with city code and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) requirements. The testing occurred Tuesday, Jan. 8 through Thursday, Jan. 10.

The results, according to the report, show that the Northland Drying dryer exhaust system noise level did not meet the City of Arlington and MPCA requirements during daytime and nighttime period. Noise attenuation for the dryer exhaust system is required.

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