Principal proposes a closed lunch program at SE Public Schools


By Amy Newsom

In Sibley East Junior High Principal Steve Harter’s administrative notes to the Sibley East School Board on Tuesday night, Jan. 17, he wrote that he would like to implement a closed lunch program.  

Harter wrote, “There are several reasons for this plan.  I really think if we want our food service program to (be) successful we need to have students here to eat the meals; healthy meals, not pop and fast food.  Another reason is I really want the home room/AO time to become an academic period; a time for studying and learning.  Maybe the main reason I am interested in closing the lunch hour is simply because of the safety of our students. I do not think it is good for our students to be driving anywhere to eat lunch.

Find the complete story in the January 26, 2017 edition of the Arlington Enterprise.

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