School Board votes 4-2 to enter into ‘Sunscription’


By Amy Newsom

The Sibley East School Board, during its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday night, Feb. 21, voted 4-2 and approved a motion to enter into a “Sunscription” with US Solar to offset some of the school’s energy cost.  

Sibley East will pay a subscription rate of .1174 cents to US Solar for 25 years. The school will then receive a bill credit from Xcel Energy. The subscription only covers the school in Gaylord because only Xcel Energy customers can participate.  

US Solar’s proposal was different from previous proposals the School Board received in that the subscription rate was flat for 25 years. In other proposals, the subscription rate was on an escalator and would increase every year.  With US Solar, the subscription will remain flat at .1174 cents, but Excel Energy’s bill credit should increase every year. David Watts, Project Developer with US Solar, estimates the school would gain a net value of $453,542 over the 25-year period with no upfront cost to the school.

Find the complete story in the March 2, 2017 edition of the Arlington Enterprise.

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