Dorothy Woestehoff submitted by Pam Weiers

You Know She’s Special Now Let Her Know...

I love my mom, Dorothy Woestehoff.
She is a one of a kind and let me share a few reasons...
Dorothy’s Daycare is her non-profit organization that is exclusively enjoyed by all seven grandchildren.
Once trimmed her toe under a lawn mower and hardly flinched.
Runs around the basement with her grandchildren, still getting holes in her socks at age 66.
Out in the field, “Farmer Dorothy” can be found picking rocks, and delivering lunches, parts and water tanks.
To church she faithfully goes each Sunday.
Hosts fun holiday parties!
Yuck is a word she never allowed. “No thank you,” or “I don’t care for any,” were approved.

Woestehoff is the name she made her children write correctly before sending them to kindergarten.
On the road with her private version of “Meals on Wheels” to help out family and friends.
Exercises routinely.
Saves newspaper clippings for her family.
Treats in her freezer aren’t top secret but it’s a surprise to her when she goes to serve them and they’ve disappeared!
Events of family members she happily attends!
Homemade cakes are her specialty and delivered to each family birthday party!
Operation Christmas Child she supports annually with a trunk load of gifts.
Forty one years she has been married to my dad, and they still love, honor and respect each other.
Faith in God and her love for family are exemplified by her each day.
Any way you spell it out, my mom is a wonderful mom. Submitted by daughter, Pam Weiers.


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