Missy Weber submitted by Alyssa Weber

This is my mom, Missy. She is special to me for many reasons. Besides being a mom, she is a lovely grandmother to my niece Haidyn. She works full time as a nurse to help support our family. She is very active in our church, she is Sunday School Superintendent, and she helps do fundraisers for the kids at our church  to go to church camps.
My mom does many things with me that are fun. One of them is when she takes me along to her scrap booking retreats. When she takes me along the things that make it fun is doing projects together and looking at old pictures.
My mom is always sure that when she gets home she puts on that apron and starts to get a home cooked meal ready for supper. She is a lovely cook and baker.
The thing that I love about my mom is that with all the busy things she has going on she still has time to attend her kids’ activities, and she is always there for me when I needs someone to talk to.


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