• The Washington T. Bookers book club presented this floral arrangement to the Arlington Public Library in honor of National Library Month during April.
  • Still Water, a Gospel quartet from Hopkinsville, Kent., performed at a packed Creekside Community Church in Arlington on Thursday night, April 21. Founded in 1994, this group of men has brought their unique talents and ministry to folks all across the country.
  • Veterans Delroy Kurtzweg, left, and Ed Bleck, right, took a recent trip to Centre, Alabama, to catch crappies as part of the Veterans on the Water program.
  • Brody Bates is a member of the Sibley East 4 X 100 and 4 X 200 meter relay teams.
  • Alyssa Weber runs the 400 meter dash for the Lady Wolverines.

SE will serve communities
during work day Fri., May 17

During the day on Friday, May 27, over 150 students and staff will be available to complete service projects throughout the school district.
People who have an idea (big and small) for a service project are encouraged to contact Schellhammer at 507-964-8235 or tim.schellhammer@sibleyeast.


The deadline to submit ideas is Friday, May 13.